You know where
           you want to go.
We know how to get you there.

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Insightful strategy fuels innovative execution



Is when data and creativity collide to fuel exceptional DESIGN and compelling CONTENT that evokes emotion and creates enduring customer connections.

Today’s consumers make decisions differently.
That’s why we do things differently. The key is taking time to develop a strategy that keeps you moving forward to achieve your vision.

If you can’t find time to do it right, how will you
have time to do it twice?

Our Mission: We start with sound strategy to drive the creative process and help you connect authentically with customers, communicate your story and compel them to choose you—and continue choosing you.

We’re ready to help you achieve your vision. Are you ready to find out how? 

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Our discovery process reveals the road forward to achieve your vision. You have to know where you are and what’s in your way before you build and travel the path to where you want to be. Data drives this process from beginning to end so you start with a sound strategy. We analyze the competitive landscape and your position in it so you make marketing decisions with clarity and confidence.

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With accurate data, we provide evidence and identify tools to strategically bridge the gap between your current position and the goals you envision. We take time to learn who you are, what you do and why you do it. Understanding your purpose is the most important part of an effective strategy to engage authentically with your audience.


Every single time potential or existing customers come into contact with your brand is an opportunity for you to engage with purpose and influence how they think and feel about you and how you meet their needs. We help you visualize an integrated approach so each connection drives you in the right direction and you don’t have to backtrack or reinvest to start over.


Your visual identity is only part of the complex puzzle that establishes your brand identity. Your logo and other visual components of your branding or marketing strategy must reflect what you do, visually represent who you are and have appropriate appeal within your industry. Through flawless design and compelling communication, we make sure each component of your strategy functions seamlessly and cohesively with the others.


Cutting through competitors’ noise in a crowded competitive landscape depends on differentiating yourself through the story you tell. With exceptional technical and creative execution we make sure your story resonates with customers on an emotional level to secure loyalty.


Data drives strategy and creative execution, but measuring outcomes along the way keeps you on your path, always moving forward to achieve your goals. We set benchmarks so you can optimize your strategy and maximize the impact of your marketing investment.


At Enigma, our mission is to provide accurate data and creative
direction so communication is effective, efficient and precise.

“Enigma Marketing understood our needs and delivered the solution to our problems—in a simple, usable format.”

— Jerry L. Robinson, Manager
Washington State Crop Improvement Association