From the 1949 inception of the first commercial low volume concentrate sprayer, known as Turbomist, to the 1990 company purchase and rebuild by new owner, Kim Blagborne; Slimline continues to earn the reputation of having innovative and quality agricultural equipment.

To formulate a strategic commercialization path to increase sales by over 40%. This path also included the challenge of building a five-year exit strategy that involved having key stakeholders in place.

Enigma conducted a market assessment that examined existing market potential in order to formulate a strategic commercialization path. Existing sales locations, trends, and competitors were scrutinized in order to demonstrate points of parity and difference. Interviews were conducted with implement dealerships and agricultural customers with the aim of forecasting market dominance.

Company sustainability and succession planning was attained through the examination of many subdivisions of the overall company. Collaborative reflection included the company’s internal operations, communication, staffing, and past advertising trends.

Enigma worked with Slimline to create effective marketing strategies and communication channels for implement dealerships, and end buyers. This commercialization path helped create the following years’ increased sales of over 200%.